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Elder Care Support

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Asiatique Medical & Aesthetics has teamed up with Red Crowns Senior Living to provide enhanced healthcare services to seniors residing within Red Crowns' co-living facilities across Singapore.


Red Crowns Senior Living offers co-living homes for seniors, where they can live semi-independently with other housemates and live-in caregivers, ensuring they receive the care and support they need while maintaining a sense of independence.


Starting 1st May 2024, Asiatique Medical & Aesthetics will be extending its expertise in healthcare to the residents of these co-living homes. Through regular health check-ups, blood tests, and medication dispensing, we aim to ensure that our elderly residents receive the utmost care and support right in the comfort of their homes.


We hope to cultivate a nurturing environment where seniors can flourish and age gracefully. Together with Red Crowns Sernior Living, we are reshaping aging in place by offering semi-independent living with the essential care and support our seniors deserve. What does this mean for our seniors?


Comprehensive Health Monitoring: With regular health check-ups, we'll be able to monitor our seniors' health status closely, allowing for early detection and intervention of any potential health issues.

Blood Tests for Early Detection: Our blood tests will help identify any abnormalities or health risks, enabling us to take proactive measures to maintain our seniors' well-being.

Medication Dispensing for Convenience: No more hassle of traveling to pharmacies! Our medication dispensing service ensures that our seniors have easy access to their prescribed medications, promoting medication adherence and overall health.

Focus on Chronic Conditions: We specialize in chronic care management for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), and more. By focusing on managing these conditions effectively, we aim to enhance our seniors' quality of life and reduce the risk of complications.


We are incredibly excited about this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on the lives of seniors within Red Crowns' co-living facilities.

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