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Healthier You, with Healthier SG

What is Healthier SG?  

Healthier SG is an initiative by the Singapore government to help all Singaporeans achieve a healthier lifestyle, prevent and manage chronic diseases, and improve the overall health and well-being of the population.

AsiatiqueMedical & Aesthetics is one of the appointed medical clinics in Singapore who can work closely with you to provide personalized care plans, monitor your health conditions and tailor preventive healthcare services to meet your needs. 

Enrollment for HealthierSG is expected to open for residents aged 60 years and above from 1st July 2023, with plans to extend enrollment to those in the 40 to 59 age group over the next two years.

Healthier SG at Asiatique Medical

Under Healthier SG, choose AsiatiqueMedical & Aesthetics as your preferred family doctor and start your lifelong health journey with us. 


We will be able to recommend health screenings, vaccinations, counseling on lifestyle modifications, stress management, provide regular check-ups, manage your medication and chronic health conditions. 

Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing medical care and support to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

Healthier SG Journey

Step 1


  • An SMS will be sent to eligible residents from Ministry of Health

  • Login to HealthHub App and select AsiatiqueMedical & Aesthetics as your preferred family clinic

  • Schedule your first health consultation with us (fully subsidized) 


Step 2

Personalised Health Plan

  • Discuss your existing medical conditions and health goals with the Doctor.  

  • The doctor will work with you to map our your personalised health plan which includes recommended vaccinations, health screenings, lifestyle changes and management of health conditions.* 


Step 3

Manage your Health

  • Adhere to the Health Plan on the HealthHub app as recommended by the Doctor. 

  • Join community activities and programmes to stay active and healthy


Step 4

Review your Health

  • Review your health plan and check your progress with the doctor through regular medical consultations. 

*Once you finish the onboarding health consultation, you will earn 3,000 Healthpoints via the Healthy365 app, which are valued at $20. These Healthpoints can be redeemed for vouchers from particiapting merchants. 

Key Benefits of Healthier SG

  • Fully-subsidised health consultation for your first visit at enrolled clinic

  • After your first consultation, you can earn 3,000 Healthpoints (worth $20) through the Healthy365 app 

  • Receive recommended national health screenings and vaccinations for free

  • CHAS cardholders can enjoy subsidies similar to those at polyclinics for common chronic drugs

  • More MediSave usage with the removal of cash co-payment requirement (Permanent Residents may also enjoy this benefit)

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